Do This Don't: Tell a Big Lie on Your Facebook Page

When a joke makes you feel like a jerk.
Publish date:
June 22, 2011
career, do this don't, job loss, Laffy Taffy

So I lost my job last week when ReadyMade quite abruptly folded, and the outpouring of sympathy has been amazing, even if my friends aren’t admitting that’s what they’re doing. Yeah right, the free meals are “just because.” (And thank you, again, I really appreciate it.) To lighten the mood and let everyone know I’m actually totally fine—kind of excited about the future, even—today I decided to try my hand at a little “unemployment humor.”

I thought everyone would know immediately that it was a gag. But no, apparently when your friend was recently laid off, you simply want the best for her. In two hours I’ve received 16 Likes and 14 comments, all of them totally encouraging, and they keep rolling in as I'm typing this. And now I feel like a jerk. Sorry if I abused your kindness, friends.

Although. Really? I know Willy Wonka's joke writer is a sweet gig, but...

I wonder if this is a way to get a job though? Like, just update your Facebook and Twitter saying you work somewhere now, just invent the position, and make sure you tag the company, and see if it happens? If all goes horribly from here, I might just try that.