Help Me Make My New Apartment As Cool As My Dog Thinks It Is

I want your DIY success stories AND your demolished-by-domesticated-pets photos in equal measure!
Publish date:
June 6, 2015
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There are many things Spondee loves about our new apartment:

There's enough room for the "big couch" which is the perfect height and length for him to leap onto and careen across while using his signature look at me! grumble-bark to alert everyone to his frenzied cuteness.

There is a sizable deck outside and the bean can look out across New Jersey and, for once in his tiny-legged life, tower over bystanders and buildings alike.

There is enough space for us to have not one, but two coffee tables which Spondee loves to army crawl under (I could not get a photo of him doing this. He's too quick.)

Overall, the new apartment has a plethora of features to please an energetic corgi and I am equally enamored with our new home. However, I have thumbs and, therefore, unlimited access to Pinterest and a veritable flood of DIY projects that I could conceivably pull off.

Building a new bed frame to replace the one we left in Philly? EASY AS PIE.

Refinishing the lackluster kitchen cabinetry? INCREDIBLY SIMPLE.

Creating our own Anthropologie-hack wall art? I COULD DO THAT IN MY SLEEP.

(These are actual thoughts I've actually had.)

While Spondee capers around, shedding tufts of fur his dad and I swore we groomed away with his special undercoat comb, I sit on the big couch and envision all the ways the apartment could be more tastefully, artfully ours.

We read a lot of books. We watch a lot of movies. We go on lots of road trips and visit a lot of places. I want this bare-walled and beautiful place of ours to be more ours (and, of course, more Spondee's).

So, this weekend, I really, really, really need to hear about your successful DIY home improvement projects or any suggestions you have for blogs or Pinterest boards or secret internet spots that boast a wealth of projects.

What DIY projects have you done in your own home that were awesome?


And, as always, I welcome any pictures of your furry darlings romping, ruining furniture, or otherwise making your house their house.