Danielle Cooks: Proper Home-Made Jewey Salmon Cutlets

Super easy, super tasty, make Nana Sand's totally Jewey salmon cutlets!
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November 6, 2012
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Like my chicken soup recipe, which is also piss-easy to make, these salmon cutlets are perfect for grim wintery nights, once you’ve mastered them, they're a breeze.They're also delicious, and look really impressive.

I made them for a girlfriend who was visiting recently, and she made me give her the recipe, so I thought you xoJaners might fancy a pop too.

Here goes:

Ingredients (makes about 11-14 cutlets)

- 2 small tins of skinless and boneless red salmon (get the skinless boneless variety otherwise you'll be there all day picking out crap) - 2 eggs - Salt and pepper – generous sprinkle of salt, and a decent grind of pepper. - 3 heaped table spoons of ketchup - 1 large onion grated (I chuck mine in a chopper which takes seconds to whizz up, and also saves your eyes from streaming like you’ve just watched Beaches) - 60g of Fine Motza Meal (available from Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Jewish deli. Can’t find it in store? Order it online OR get 3 slices of stale bread and chuck them in a chopper until they’re like dust) - Corn or veg oil – you’ll need a big frying pan or use a small one and cook your cutlets in 2 batches.

Right, here’s what you do:1. Take all of the ingredients (the onion should be chopped or grated finely and don’t use the oil – that’s just for the cooking) and chuck them in a big bowl and mix, mix, mix until everything is incorporated. I use my hands.

2. Grab your frying pan, and pour in your oil so the base is totally covered about 1cm deep on medium heat. If you find while cooking the cutlets that the oil has disappeared, you’ve not used enough so just add more.

3. Take blobs of your cutlet mix, and shape them. They’re simply oval splats about an inch and half thick. Once the oil is hot, drop them in carefully and fry until they go brown and develop a crusty shell. This should take about 8mins or so.

4) Flip them over so they brown on both sides. Whack on some kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil. You’re done.

These little beauties can be eaten hot or cold or whack some in the freezer. So there you have it. Proper old skool Nana Sand’s Jewey salmon cutlets. Hope you like them.

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