CREEPY CORNER: "Unfavorable Semicircle" — Before You Die Do You See ♐DELOCK?

Has Sadako from "The Ring" finally discovered the Internet?
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February 25, 2016
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Before we get too far down the rabbit hole of "unfavorable semicircle" (not the name of a sometimes-secular, post-grunge, 90s man-band), I feel like I would be remiss in my Creepy Corner duties if I did not share this with you:

It's the horror movie crossover you didn't know you wanted, and so far has only happened in your nightmares. It's SADAKO VS KAYAKO!

That's right, in the grand tradition of movie franchise headliners fighting each other, Sadako of Ring (The Ring) will do battle with Kayako of Ju-On (The Grudge) this June in a theater near you... if you live in Asia. Unfortunately, there's no word of a US release date or adaptation yet.

As much as this movie sounds like a drunken discussion amongst your geeky, spooky friends ("Dude, Kayako would TOTALLY beat Sadako cuz she's got the RAGE POWERS... and a CAT"), I'm pretty excited to see it. If anybody can make a hokey premise like this a worthwhile fright, it's Japanese horror filmmakers. I hope.

Of course, Sadako may need to update her VHS tapes to match wits with Kayako. Or has she already?

Did you hear the voice around 0:14?

I know. What the hell have I just shown you? It's a YouTube video named ♐DELOCK from a user with the name "unfavorable semicircle".

unfavorable semicircle has uploaded over 86,000 videos since April 4, 2015, sometimes (like today) within only seconds of each other. If unfavorable semicircle continues at its current rate of thousands of videos a day, it will have over "200,000 total videos by the end of March".

Videos like ♐885003:

Or ♐PER:

Or the latest as of 5:38pm Hong Kong Time, ♐BRILL 39235:

Again, what the hell are these? Nobody is quite sure. While Internet mysteries like Webdriver Torso and Cicada 3301 (a fascinating read if you have the time) have largely been solved, unfavorable semicircle is one that continues to creep out theorists all over the web. Okay fine, mostly on Reddit.

In fact, Redditor save_the_pigs has created a "Basic Observations" page that explains the, well, basics of unfavorable semicircle. Here's a rundown of some of save_the_pigs' insights, as well as some notes from the website, Solving Unfavorable Semicircle.

My head hurts, Creepy Corneristas.

  • unfavorable semicircle appeared in April of 2015 (nobody knows who he, she, or they are) and started posting "dozens of five second videos of a dot on a solid background, accompanied by a robot-y voice saying... something"
  • The videos suddenly stopped on May 29th, then without warning resumed on June 17th.
  • The titles to the videos seem to be random and most seem to start with the Sagittarius symbol ♐, and are followed by a letters and/or numbers.
  • There are basic numbered videos that are four to five seconds long, with a plain colored background, and contain a voice saying a number or something unintelligible. There are mute videos that are just a colored or patterned background with silence, and there are the newest ♐BRILL videos that have a dark background with some dots and that same "computery"-sounding male voice saying a word. As far as I can tell, the BRILL videos are all a few seconds long.
  • The "weirder" videos are the "anomalous" videos. They are ♐LOCK, ♐DELOCK, ♐PER, ♐QUOT, ♐BRILL B (the only one with a description, "1000"), and the OR videos. OR_110001 is 11 hours long, and is only silence with a static black and orange pixelated background. OR_10001 is the same background, but is only one hour of silence. Here is ♐QUOT:

Nobody seems to know what these anomalous videos mean amidst all the other "normal" videos.

  • Many believe that ♐LOCK and ♐DELOCK are the key to encrypting and decrypting the code of unfavorable semicircle. But what that code is...?
  • Theories about what unfavorable semicircle include: it's a test system (like Webdriver Torso was), it has something to do with numbers stations and espionage, it's part of an Alternate Reality Game, or you know... aliens (save_the_pigs doesn't offer this idea, but others around the web OF COURSE posit this theory). None have been proved to be true yet.
  • save_the_pigs comments on the videos with the voice saying numbers: "Edit 3: Early on the voice is pretty clearly saying numbers, this seems obvious but in case you need further proof there's this one from 8 months ago where he clearly says zero. Here's one where he clearly says one. The voice becomes more distorted as more videos are upvoted, which suggests this might be a test on the losslessness of uploading videos. Similar to webdriver torso."

Some Redditors have said that those who are following the videos of unfavorable semicircle should demand an answer from YouTube. However, there is fear that then the account would be suspended and then the truth will never be known.

Are the videos all pieces of a whole? A huge puzzle? That is also a theory amongst followers of the unfavorable semicircle videos. If they could all be put together, what would be revealed? An answer? A clue to a bigger puzzle? The next step in spy recruitment? Or something more sinister? (Get off my Internets Sadako!)

Much has been said on the unnerving quality of these videos. I admit, that I LOVE stuff like this because of the eerie "Ring" heebie-jeebies I get. I can't tell you how many times I've Googled, "real life, The Ring." While I'm not convinced I've found it, I'll admit I'm really enjoying the creepy nature of the videos and all the theories surrounding it. Perhaps the world is weirder than we think.

A few Redditors have discussed how the videos inspire a sense of fear or even anxiety when watching them. Some attribute it to the oddness of the videos and all the conspiracies growing around them, others mention infrasound, or a sound lower than 20 Hz that "can induce feelings of fear or dread or even depression." Is there something in the videos that is effecting our subconscious?

What do you think? Are the unfavorable semicircle videos just some weirdo or weirdos (it's been said that the videos are uploaded too quickly and in too great a number to be just one person) playing an elaborate joke on eager creepsters? Is there a message to be discovered? Are they test videos? Guerilla marketing for the summer blockbuster, YouTube Vs Vimeo: The Following?

Or has Sadako finally moved into the digital age?

Tell us what you think!

And just to be sure, Creepy Corneristas, check back in with me next week so I know that the croaking, long-haired girl standing behind you hasn't dragged you away.