CREEPY CORNER: Creepy Corner Needs You! Tell Us Your Spookiest Stories!

Creeps of a feather, stick together. I need your help!

OK, let me explain.

I'm not trying to shirk my Creepy Corner responsibilities. Bite your forked little tongues, no!

You see, Creepy Corneristas, there are big things on the horizon for ol' Louise. Big things that require a lot of my time, energy and airline mileage points. I promise to tell you more about this very soon, just know that Creepy Corner is never far from my cold, twisted heart.

So while I step out of the Corner for a couple weeks, I need your help. I need your help to keep this little corner of xoJane creepy while I'm in dispose.

I need your soul.

I mean, your stories. Send me your stories!

Everyone knows that the best part of Creepy Corner is the comments. I may be your guide through the darkest rabbit holes the Internet has to offer, but it's YOUR stories and experiences that keep so many us coming back week after week.

(That, and the fact that we're all gluttons for punishment, and somewhere in our brains the wires for "fear" and "fun" are permanently crossed.)

Here is your chance, Creepy Corneristas!

Come forth out of the shadows, and send me the creepiest, spookiest, weirdest, most chilling, bizarre stories you have. You can send them to (I made a new email!).

I don't have enough room to post them all, but I promise to read all of them, and respond to as many as possible.

Guidelines? Here are a few guidelines. Everyone likes guidelines.

Keep It Respectful. This just might be the golden rule of Creepy Corner. I'll delete a story faster than Edison's talking dolls scared children (and everyone else) if I even get a whiff of disrespect, exploitation, cultural insensitivity, or general glee at others' misfortunes. It's a fine line, but you all know how to walk it. For more on how I approach Creepy Corner check out this post and this post.

Keep It Real. The best stories come from you. Research is all well and good, but what we love, what really stokes that "campfire story" spirit around here, is when you can share your own stories with us. Of course I'm not asking you to divulge your family's deep, dark secrets (please don't), but when you can share a story specific to your experiences, the results can be deliciously bone-chilling. Here's my personal scariest story from a few years ago.

Already told a story in the comments? No problem! This is your chance to fill in all the creepy details.

Keep It Brief. I know a Creepy Corner I'm writing is a dud when it starts getting really long and obsessively detailed. I have an entire file on my desktop filled with Creepy Corner RIPs. Just like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, keep it it short, keep it sweet, leave us wanting more. If you're the type that needs a word count, aim for around 300 words or less.

Your post might be lightly edited for length, but I promise not to touch the spirit or intent of your story. Creepy Cornerista's Honor.

And don't forget to tell me how you'd like to be named! Creepy_Cornerista13? Gef the Mongoose? Anonymous? Whatever you want (within reason).

Deadline: Please send me your stories no later than Wednesday July 15, 2015 by 12 noon ET (US).

Once again, send your stories to

And so you don't leave the Corner entirely empty handed this week, here's a short story a friend, and fellow Creepy Cornerista recently shared with me.

"The Stairs"

My friend, I'll call her Katie, grew up in a big, old house just outside of New Braunfels, TX. Her's was the attic bedroom, and she loved it.

Not only was the room far away from her parents' prying eyes, but the large room had two doors — the main bedroom door that lead to the rest of the house, and a second door on the opposite side of the room that opened to a steep flight of stairs leading directly down into the kitchen.

Katie and her sisters called the kitchen stairs the "secret passage." As little kids, they would "run laps" around the house going up the front stairs, through Katie's room, down the secret passage stairs, then burst into the kitchen to begin again.

Sometimes one girl would hold the kitchen door of the secret passage shut, and another would hold the bedroom door of the secret passage shut, trapping a sister on the stairs. "We loved the secret passage, but getting stuck on those stairs was just SO CREEPY," said Katie. "You'd always be looking over your shoulder."

One day, while the girls were playing, Katie's youngest sister had the misfortune of getting caught in the secret passage. "I held the door in my bedroom shut, while Jen [middle sister] held the kitchen door shut. My youngest sister pounded on my door, then Jen's, begging to be let out."

"After a while it got quiet, so I leaned closer to the door to hear if my sister had been released into the kitchen."

Knock, knock, knock.

"I felt and heard the knocks against my hands. Giggling I pushed back against the door."

But merely seconds after Katie felt and heard the knocks on her door, she heard the thunder of footsteps coming up the stairs and both her sisters yelling at her.

"There's no way my sister could have knocked on the secret passage door then seconds later be coming up the front stairs."

And yep, you guessed it. When she opened the door, nobody was there.

I can't wait to read what you send me! Thank you in advance Creepy Corner community!