My Great American CREEPY CORNER Road Trip!

I'm taking Creepy Corner on the road.
Publish date:
May 4, 2016
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I'm in America, Creepy Corneristas!

What am I doing here? Well, aside from suffering from a Jet Lag Insanity Circus (it's 3:30am right now and while my brain says, "SLEEP" my body says, "ISN'T IT TIME TO EAT DINNER AGAIN?") and attending a wedding, Mr. Louise and I are about to embark on the longest road trip I've ever been on.

We're driving from Texas through New Mexico, to Colorado, then taking a southern route up to Boston. We're going to be driving for over 70 hours, visiting spooky spots across the country, and staying at as many supposedly haunted hotels as possible along the way.

I may not be able to sleep right now because my body insists on staying on Hong Kong time, but I wonder if I'll actually be able to sleep in all those eerie hotels because GHOSTS. The closer we get to leaving for our trip, the more I remember the night I stayed on the Queen Mary and COULDN'T SLEEP AT ALL because I was convinced the ghosts were just waiting for me to nod off so they could cruise into my room and TAUNT ME.

As much as I love visiting places that have a haunted history, I have to admit that I'm a total weenie when it comes to sleeping where ghosts have been said to walk... or whisper... or stand glowering over your bed. While I do think I possess a healthy amount of skepticism, I tend to really get into the spirit of things and freak myself out.

Nonetheless, I LOVE IT.

Of course, no Great American Creepy Corner Road Trip would be complete without you, Creepy Corneristas! So in the coming weeks, I'll be "bringing you along" on my road trip. Starting with next week's Creepy Corner I'll be writing from the road, updating you with multiple weekly posts reporting on my eerie adventures.

Are you a hardcore Creepy Cornerista? Or just enjoy how I manage to gleefully bungle my way through my travels? Either way you're in luck. Creepy Corner is going on the road!

So where are we going? Here are some of the highlights:

The St. James Hotel, Cimarron, NM — A saloon and hotel that hosted the likes of Jesse James, Buffalo Bill, and Wyatt Earp, among others, the St. James has seen its share of notorious characters since 1872. Among the numerous spirits said to wander the hotel are the original owner's wife, Mary Lambert and a small "gnome-like" man-ghost who seems to enjoy messing with employees and moving objects around. Aside from the roaming the hall by the upstairs guest rooms (where we are staying), Mary Lambert is said to appear in what was once her old bedroom and demand that the windows stay shut. If the windows are left open, she will bang on windows until they are closed.

No Ouija boards are allowed at the St. James Hotel.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO — Most famous for being the hotel that inspired Stephen King's The Shining, "every single room" in the hotel has supposedly had some report of "strange" activity. From hearing disembodied children's laughter in the fourth floor hall, to having clothes mysteriously unpacked, to the apparition of the long deceased Mr. Stanley appearing behind the reception desk, the Stanley has long been thought to be one of the most paranormally active locations in the US.

1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Springs, AR — This is one of those places that many of you Creepy Corneristas have told me is "super haunted". While I've talked about visiting this hotel before, I admit that my feelings on haunted locations have evolved over the years. When I started planning this trip, the Crescent gave me some pause.

Considering the fact that part of its past is quite dark — a "doctor" by the name of Norman Baker was said to have conducted horrible experiments on living and dead patients at the resort, all in the name of curing cancer — I wasn't sure if this was the right choice for my trip.

Candidly, I'm still a little unsure. But considering how the history seems to be treated by the hotel (also some of that dark history has not been totally substantiated), and that charlatans using illness as a way to make money is a real part of early 20th century America that should be acknowledged, I think I can experience the Crescent Hotel respectfully on a personal level.

As with all of these hotels and sites, I'm not going to "ghost hunt," I'm going to learn and experience.

Arguably "the most haunted hotel in America," ghostly activity includes a man dressed in "old-fashioned" clothing who silently sits in the lobby then vanishes before your eyes, people shaken awake by unseen hands in the infamous room 218, and (thankfully) a friendly ghost cat.

Point Pleasant, WV — Because THE MOTHMAN.

Along with these places, Mr. Louise and I will be visiting spooky sites in Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Connecticut. If you have any recommendations, please tell me! We have a lot of our trip mapped out, but if you know of any "can't miss" Creepy Corner-worthy spots, I'd love to know. (Or post ideas on the Creepy Corner Facebook page!)

Thanks for staying up with me, Creepy Corneristas. I'm going to go nurse my jet lag now.

Keep on creepin'.