OPEN THREAD: What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Done With Your Hair?

Regretted or adored, let's share our bravest hair decisions (pics or it didn't happen, obvs.)
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November 12, 2015
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For the past two years, I've had most of my head shaved. It was mostly a matter of convenience. Before I went on a blondie-bender, (a choice I've previously bemoaned on this site) I had an obscene amount of hair. My neck was always sweating. Like a wire-haired terrier, I had both an undercoat and an overcoat of curls -- each with its own distinctive texture and haircare requirements. In a not-so-distant January, I decided to get rid of it a la Rihanna.

It was baller. It was bad ass. It was only the beginning.

Since that fateful day, I've experimented with my short hair while mostly letting the top grow out (so long, bristly undercoat!) unencumbered (there was a disastrous bangs incident in last Fall that I don't want to talk about, but that I will show you a picture of because this is a safe space and we love each other).

Fast forward to now, November 12th in the downtown Time Inc. offices, and I'm fresh off my bi-monthly buzz. You can see a tiny scar on my scalp from a childhood injury, but damn I'll good in earmuffs.

I don't have any plans to grow out my mostly-undercut any time soon (because, honestly, it would be a puffy fools errand). I like having less volume weighing down my head and the longish hair I do have is so full of secrets that most of the time, no one can tell I'm naked scalped.

Except when I rock a top knot.

That's my most epic hair saga and now I want to hear about yours. Have you ever been a part of the technicolor unicorn hair craze? How about a G.I. Jane bare all buzzfest? Share your selfies, your stories, and your baddest, bestest hairstyles in the comments. I'll be around, ready to demand photographic evidence of your tress adventures. (Just kidding, I'm not supposed to say tresses. Jane would be mad. Just ignore the tress part.)