CORGI COLUMN: You Guys Are The Best, Here Are Some Puppy Pictures

What should I write next weekend? I'll trade you puppy pics for comments!
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July 5, 2015
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I love seeing pictures of your pets. I love sharing pictures of the plump little bean and the general state of squee (!!!!) my weekends have taken on.

However, after frozen treat recipes, people food disasters, and corgi-pillar costumes, I'm running out of pet-centric tops to write about.


I just need to know what you guys want to read about next. To entice you to help me spark some pet-related inspiration, I've rounded up my favorite Spondee puppy pictures and some darling stories of the bean's earliest antics.

Give some thought to what you'd like to see here -- should I write a themed column every week with topics you can vote on in the comments (Fancy dress, Renaissance corgis, corgis with their tongues hanging out)? Leave me ideas and enjoy my seven favorite pictures of Spondee as a mushy little baby bear below:

1. Spondee with his Brothers and Sisters

Before Spondee was Spondee, his name was Russell and he lived in Minnesota with his momma (named Piper) and his four brothers and sisters. We drove five hours to pick him up and he slept all the way home in his dad's backpack.

His ears sprouted early (at five weeks).

2. Spondee Gets His Corgi Length

Spondee's cutest time (IMHO) was when he was in between puppy-round and corgi-long.

The picture above is from when he was enrolled in puppy class at Petco. He was the star pupil and immediately forgot all his manners as soon as we got home.

3. Spondee Discovers the Joy of Couch Naps

We brought the bean home in the winter of 2013. It was a snowy season in Iowa and he quickly learned the joy of snuggling on the couch under a pile of blankets and watching horror movies with mom and dad.

We were immediately enchanted with his sleepy smile. He still smiles, even when he's been banished to his kennel. Because I have just have to (and you're going to just die) here's another picture of Spondee sleeping nose-to-nose with one of his baby chews:

Spoiled Puppy Fact: His puppy chews, by the way, were really baby chew toys. We used to purchase them from Babies-R-Us and put them in the freezer for him.

4. Spondee Used to Fit in Baskets

He still climbs into suitcases when we're packing for vacation and laundry baskets when there are clean, dog-hair-free clothes that are folded and wrinkle-less, but when the bean was teeny tiny, he fit into much smaller baskets.

His ears were once as soft as *insert the softest, downiest thing you can imagine.*

I realize this one is not exactly a cute puppy story, but how could I not include it. HOW COULD I NOT?!

5. Spondee Waits for Bacon

This one is entirely my fault:

I enjoy making elaborate weekend breakfasts. I made the mistake of giving Spondee a tiny scrap of bacon one morning when he was a puppy. For the next REST OF HIS LIFE he stretches out on his belly and waits for bacon whenever I cook something that sizzles in a sauté pan.

6. Spondee's Tummy Used to be Pink...

I loved to kiss it. He tolerated raspberries being blown on it.

When Spondee turned about 9 months old, he started getting black spots on his belly, beginning on his scrotum. (This is perhaps TMI, but it is vital to the story. Bear with me.) The whole thing turned black. All of it. For a longer period of time than I am willing to admit, I was convinced this was a severe type of skin disease and/or cancer.

Yeah, I'm that pet owner.

(Our vet corrected me. Now I love his dappled little portabelly.)

7. Baby Spondee Loves Showers

We used to have a standing shower and you'll never guess who nosed his way into it one day...

When we moved from an apartment with a standing shower to an apartment with a tub-shower combo, the mini-bean used to getting a running start in the hallway and, with a flying leap, attempt to launch himself up over the rim of the tub into the shower.

Maybe he was more enamored with his parents back then or maybe he now associates showers with flea shampoo, but (sadly) adult Spondee mostly just tolerates showers.

And one more for the road...

I'll end with this bonus photo. It needs no closing comments.

It goes without saying you should share your baby pet portraits as well as your brilliant corgi column ideas.

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