Here's That Corgi Column Everyone Wanted! Now Please Tell Me What To Write In It

Your weekly dose of Squeeeee!
Publish date:
March 14, 2015

I am taking a break from testing lip stains and watching exorcism movies to bring you the first of many weekend corgi columns: a Buzzfeed-ian compilation of the wiggliest, fluffiest bean in all of Philadelphia. Fellow weekend xoJane enthusiasts, look on his ears, ye Mighty, and despair:

As it turns out, I have a shamefully deep well of corgi pictures drifting around on my computer, cell phone, and various social media accounts. I chalk this canine surplus up to standard millennial-narcissism and the fact that Spondee has been around through the shittiest of shitty times in my recent life. When my stability is compromised or I move across the country when it's obviously a terrible idea, I've got this little smush to sit on my lap and distract me from basic tasks like wallowing in misery.

All this said, I am very much aware that a corgi does not a column make. There are words that must be written around the bean to hold up his cuteness. So, what would you like to read about on Saturday mid-mornings? You may have seen that my credentials include eyeliner application and the reading of books. I can also write, at length and with corgi pictures, on such topics as:

1. Lifestyle Things...

So far, I've done beauty writing for xoJane and, aesthetically-driven creature that I am, I enjoy it. But, what do you want to read? I make a mean kale smoothie and I have recipes for homemade exfoliator. Weekend corgi beauty blog, anyone?

2. Feelings...

Most of my poetry centers around my wacky family history and growing up with mental illness. It's easy to write creatively about schizophrenia, self harm, and chemical imbalances because if someone doesn't like your poems, whatever. It's different when it's out in the open, but if you'd like to start your weekend with some musings on the heredity of crazy, I'm your girl.

3. DIY Projects...

I start projects and I don't finish them. Give me a reason to fulfill the dreams of my "Just Do It" Pinterest board.

4. Books...

Round-ups, anyone? The xoBook Club is being reinstated on Sundays, but there are other book topics out there, right? (Or shoes. There's always shoes.)

5. Self-Care...

Really, I just wanted an excuse to use the above photo.

6. Working Out...

I took pole dancing classes at Crunch for six months. It. Was. Awesome.

7. Anything else you can think of...

In soft, corgi-colored conclusion: I've got a weekend spot that I want xoJane readers to enjoy reading. One way to ensure that is to fill Saturday mornings up with corgi photos. A second way to ensure that is to listen to what you say in the comments and plan next Saturday's post accordingly.

So, what do you want me to write about? I don't like change, but I like trying new things and I'd try something new every week for this column, if you'd be into it. Leave a comment and let me know.