HAVE YOU SEEN THIS YET? The Marvelous Cookie Monster "Call Me Maybe" Redux

Apparently Cookie Monster, like so many of us, spends his days employed in a cube farm. I don't know if this newfound knowledge is reassuring or really, really depressing.
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July 11, 2012
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This is how I look when I see cookies too.

Big-banged Canadian chanteuse Carly Rae Jepsen's ode to impulsive come-ons -- and possibly the official Jam of Summer 2012 -- "Call Me Maybe" is practically inescapable right now, propelled onward by an earmworm-heavy hook and an unexpectedly charming video. Until I read her Wikipedia page, I'd wrongly assumed, based both on her appearance and the relative innocence of her "crazy" move handing out her number, that Jepsen was some 16-year-old recently Svengalied into stardom.

In fact, I learned that Jepsen placed third on Canadian Idol in 2007, and at 26 years old is a grown-ass lady. Wikipedia's with me, though, finding time to note that:

Jepsen, 26, has been observed as either dressing "too young" for her age, in an effort either to appeal to the pre-teen demographic, or keep a "squeaky clean" image in contrast to her scandal-ridden contemporaries.

Well, it's working on me, anyway. And I don't think dressing "too young" when you're freaking 26 is a thing that is possible, unless maybe you're romping to work in a Disney princess costume or My Little Pony footed pajamas, but oooookay, Wikipedians.

Regardless, I've had Jepsen's tale of wild windy nights and ripped jeans stuck in my head for weeks now, and I don't think I've been so infected by like for a song I didn't want to like since professional Zooey Deschanel impersonator Katy Perry put out "Teenage Dream" -- a song that, in its defense, was at least a little more lyrically clever. Compare "Before you met me / I was alright but things / Were kinda heavy / You brought me to life / Now every February / You'll be my Valentine, Valentine" with "I beg, and borrow and steal / Have foresight and it's real / I didn't know I would feel it / But it's in my way."

All right, maybe neither lyrics are all that great. (As an aside, there's a home video of Katy Perry and some friends lip-syncing to "Call Me Maybe" at a party that, uh, kind of makes me want to hang out with Katy Perry. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?)

The above babbling is really an excuse, though, for the main purpose of this post, which is to share the very pinnacle of the many "Call Me Maybe" parodies popping up like mushrooms in a damn enchanted forest: Cookie Monster, performing a slightly altered ode to his favorite baked good entitled "Share It Maybe." As awesome as you expect this to be in concept, the reality may be even better.

Guys, why are muppets SO FUNNY? I hope your Wednesday is as improved by this as mine was.