Compelling Reader Comments Of The Week: "WILD" Breath

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February 18, 2012
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This week's comment comes from Julie's

"THERE'S NO EASY WAY TO SAY THIS, "You Don't Smell Good.""

It's a great piece, because the comments are a little collection of wisdom/stories regarding when it's ok to be brutally honest with someone. Did you know: it


possible to tell your boss she's trailing TP from her kitten heel with finesse. ALSO-- you should do that shit! Don't keep your mouth shut.

My favorite comment was from Kelly Herrera, who pointed out that Clayton did right, recognized the importance of "staying it with style," and (most importantly) had my girl Julie's back:

Thanks, Kelly! I especially liked that you pointed out your kid is really good at this ('though he's no Rico Suave). YOUR TROPHY, madame: