Compelling Reader Comments Of The Week: Wardrobe Malfunction Edition

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April 21, 2012
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This week Emily was walking down Fifth Avenue with a split seam in one of her signature slim-fitting pencil skirts. Her bright green tights were showing through the hole; she described a "gentle angel" who made her aware of the situation and then she wrote about it. The community of xoJane commenters were their wonderful, open selves and eagerly shared equally or more embarassing clothing fails. Here's a sampling of my favorite comments from Emily's "OK, Fine, I'm Going Back To Weight Watchers" :

Two amazing visuals:

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It happens to boys too.

And this one has got me pumped for SUMMER:

Thanks, you four awesome commenters. It's interesting that none of you is sporting a "Jane's Name Drops" banner. And I didn't do that on purpose. (Don't forget to vote here and tell us what you think about ranking commenters, by the way. Please.)

This week's virtual trophy is for sharing.

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