Compelling Reader Comments Of The Week: Maybe I WANT To Look Trashy

We like cuteness, donuts and COMMENTS.
Publish date:
June 9, 2012

This week's winning comment comes from Helena's article Sometimes Cuteness Can Cure Anything. The piece is mainly about this guy named Miles:

The comments section of this article is postively teeming with recommendations of the cutest internet famous cats and dogs (and blind cats and hamsters too!) one can find on YouTube in hopes of chasing away a bad attitiude. My favorite cute-cures-all story comes from MaybeIWANTtoLookTrashy:

What a sweet sweet relationship you have with your neighbor; it reminds me of Amélie a wee bit. The first comment is the winner, but I also thought it was important to include MereDarling's inquiry and the response. This trophy was created by Olivia, and we've used it before, but this one is for YOU:

Madeline lives inside a donut on Twitter too.