Compelling Reader Comments Of The Week: Jane's Name Drops

WTF are those "Jane's Name Drops" banners?
Publish date:
April 14, 2012

Before I announce the beloved genius that is the winner of the Comment of the Week, I'll cave and explain those little gray banners you might have noticed next to Disqus names:

What does it mean to be a Jane's Name Drop?

It's simple-- 50 commenters have it, and these 50 are determined with two measurements: the highest volume of comments left on the site and the most "likes" received on their comments by other commenters. That's what it is for now. It might change, and the name might switch around too. (We were toying with "Top Slunts," "Jane Loves Me," and "Unicorn Club.") Let us know what you think.

Now on to Comment of the Week! This one was left by edotwoods on Sara Benincasa's "I'm Getting Married...To Myself!" :

I love this! It reminds me of when my younger sister Victoria, then 5-years-old, married our tough-as-nails Russian Blue cat Henri. We held the ceremony in the hotel room we were staying in during a cross-country move. It was hilarious, special, and further secured the bonds of love in my family. I also happen to think the Stinky Cheese Man is great. Your virtual trophy, dear E:

Why don't cats get married more often?

Hope to see you guys at Sara's wedding! Sunday April 15. 1pm. Chasama Art Space, 266 W. 37th, ground floor. NYC.