Compelling Reader Comments of the Week: The Editors Pick!

Publish date:
August 18, 2012

This week out of laziness I asked editors to submit their picks for comment of the week. Enjoy!

Emily and s.e. chose this ass-comment from Emily's FATCALLED! article.

Olivia picked this one from Jane's I'm In Love With Ampersands and said "...nobody cared about me! You guys are the best."

Kate Conway picked "this reminder of basic preschool etiquette" from her article on honesty v. assholery

Corynne's comment was plucked from Alison's article on shopping at Target:

Gala's is from FATCALLED! She says "mine is less "thinky" than the etiquette comment (though I LOVE it, how brilliant!). This was my favourite, because it is so so absurd:

Jane says, "I really can't pick one. I love auntieantagonism for saying [on Mandy's Facebook teenager post] we are saving her thousands in therapy but that is one of about 153 I love this week."

Here's a communal virtual trophy. It's for EVERYONE.

I drew it myself and it's overflowing with love.