Compelling Reader Comments of the Week: Signature Styles Edition

Comments help me get dressed!
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September 22, 2012

I was DEVASTATED, devastated I tell you, that I couldn't get my shit together in time to be part of Alison's article "CLASS IS IN SESSION! How To Find And Cultivate Your "Signature Style" (Here's Lesson #1)" It features almost every xoJaner describing her/ou signature look. I guess for some of them, it only took a few minutes to come up with a sentence or two and select a photo, but I am way too Gemini for that shiz. The incredible comments on the piece (289 and counting as of Friday evening!) are so kick-ass and feel-good it almost makes up for my FOMO. My style is sort of maybe preppy minimalist crazy cat-lady Barbie. Sometimes. I'm very open to change, and I like to pretend I'm someone different everyday-- here are the comments I'm going to read again and again when I'm feeling uncreative as I stare at my precariously upright clothing rack every morning.

Canadian Nature Girl With Lipstick

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I went to college in Canada. Canadians are beautiful and healthy looking. Pink-cheeked.

Woodland Animal

I love cute animals! They're the best looking of all living things.

Witchy Scandanavian Art Teacher

I do this a lot, pretend I'm mysterious and elusive and maybe a witch by wearing drapey grey clothing. (But HA! I am first one there for every group dinner and bar outing. And I love to talk to people and tell them all about my life.)

Steampunk Joseph-Gordon-Leavitt

I don't wanna dress like this. I wanna DO this. Get it? Sex. Also, Kate wrote this comment!

This week's trophy is actually imaginary instead of virtual. Imagine a shiny, bubblegum pink, three foot high trophy with a large cup (size of a standard punch bowl) filled with Hello Kitty shaped donuts which are filled with local, organic creme fraiche. Congratulations!