Compelling Reader Comment Of The Week: Too Many Good Ideas

Never stop commenting.
Publish date:
November 19, 2011
self esteem, self acceptance, nutella

This week the Compelling Comment of the Week goes to, unfortunately, someone commenting under "guest." Dear "guest," please join our community of regular commenters? I'm gonna call you SkypeTooth. SkypeTooth left this comment on Part Two of Lesley's "Ask Lesley: How Do I Stop Hating My Body?" series:

Thank you SkypeTooth for giving us these ideas:

1. Bedside Nutella

2. Shitloads of champage and fried chicken

3. Acknowledging that the above two are not healthy ways to deal with things and offering up healthier ideas like...

4. Blacking out your tooth and Skyping with your best friend

5. Reading racy YA fiction

I'm going to try one or more of these this weekend. Please identify yourself and keep commeting!

As for your virtual trophy? Here ya go: