Compelling Reader Comment Of The Week: Psychethos Edition

We love comments (and making out)! The FOURTH installment of the reader comment of the week contest.
Publish date:
August 19, 2011
summer, making out, the beach

This week the compelling-comment-contest winner is PSYCHETHOS. Congrats, sweets!

Psychethos' comment on Cat's Bonfire Beauty piece was lighthearted, but really got to us. Sometimes a make-out session can leave you with a buzz even better than a post-sex glow. Any theories on WHY?

Also, thinking about making out and the beach is inspiring us to drag ourselves away from our laptops and into the few remaining sultry summer nights. We gots some making out to do! (Also, thanks for the FYI on beach sex-- "the more you know!")

Keep commenting and stay tuned for next's week winner...who knows? it could be YOU.

[Psychethos--if you want to provide us with your Twitter handle or something else to shout you out, let us know! ]