Compelling Reader Comment Of The Week: Ostrich Birdseed Edition

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January 6, 2012
i'll try anything once, Sex,

This week's comment of the week was inspired by the best quote overheard at xoJane HQ this week (ever?). Emily was working on her hit post "I'll Do Anything (Sexually) For Love" -- Eric was like "What are you working on?" and she explained she'd do anything in bed for her BF. He replied "Would you put birdseed up your vagina and let an ostrich eat it out?" I love it when Eric just comes out of left field with this stuff -- so great. Long story short, the comment of the week:

Thanks, sconenibbler. Your cute Disqus name does not betray your filthy, expansive imagination. I hope that you never have to be the "medical journal sunflower pussy girl." That reminds me of that episode of Rugrats in which Angelica spreads false info about eating watermelon seeds (they will grow in your tummy) (was that a good show? It was, wasn't it?). Here's your virtual trophy, cute 'lil sconenibbler: