Compelling Reader Comment Of The Week: Nostalgia Edition

We love comments so much we want to marry them.
Publish date:
September 16, 2011
Sassy nostalgia corner

This week the winner of the reader comment contest goes to Jennifer Klumpp for her comment on the first installment of our cozy little Sassy Nostalgia Corner:

Ms. Klumpp evoked her own feelings of nostalgia, and transported us to her parents' late-80s living room. As someone who is too young and missed Sassy, it was great to visualize a place where people were actually reading Sassy when it was hot off the presses. Thank you, Jennifer. Won't you please accept this virtual trophy I chose for you?

We want to know more about your childhood and the possibly-regrettable decorating choices your parents made (and, always, about your experiences with Sassy). Xo!