Compelling Reader Comment Of The Week: Leopard Sequins Edition

We love comments! In fact, we live for 'em.
Publish date:
November 4, 2011
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The virtual trophy for reader comment of the week goes to Lauren Paradise!! Mazel tov!

Lauren shared on Emily's "My Ass Is Skinny" Mini piece. Not only does her skirt sound ridiculously awesome (drooled a bit), but Lauren, you gave us a real good idea about how we can give these crazy old clothes the commemoration they deserve. That skirt was important to you and you should get to admire it everyday. I think the next DIY post Rachel writes should be "How To Make Sentimental But Classy-Looking Throw Pillows of Old Clothes You Can't Throw Away". Have another DIY idea you'd like to see Rachel write up? Wanna guest write in the DIY column? Email her