Compelling Reader Comment of the Week!

We love comments! Introducing the weekly comment contest!
Publish date:
July 29, 2011
clothes, Salvation Army, simplicity, closets

The other day, my friend Jane (not Pratt) and I were discussing how we can't read an online article without reading at least a handful of the comments associated with it. Online journalism without the comments--well... it just wouldn't count. In celebration of the reader comments that inspire us to blog harder and faster, we'll be picking a reader comment of the week every Friday. This week the virtual trophy goes @stranger2danger, for her comment on Lesley's closet murder post.

"I am not a simple person. A simple wardrobe will not do" not only became Lesley's mantra, but mine (and I think Emily's) also.

Congrats, @stranger2danger, and please keep your insightful comments coming. (Also, tell us your name!) xoxo