Comments Of The Week: You Better Grab Those Small Pieces Of Happiness

Now, find out which comments got the most replies!
Publish date:
October 20, 2013

Comment Of The Week is also going to feature the top two "Most Replied To" comments each week to highlight awesome conversations around the site. Let's begin with the most replied to comment, shall we? It has 15 replies and can be found on last week's "UNPOPULAR OPINION: Most Dudes Have Paid For Sex."

The second most replied to comment received 14 replies on Marianne's "There's No Such Thing As "Clean" Food." Oddly, I've found that sometimes when one links directly to a comment, one can't see all the replies. I haven't found a solution yet, so you might have to poke around in there if you want to follow the conversation.

The most upvoted comment on the site from the last week is on Daisy Coleman's piece.

The second most upvoted comment is also from Daisy's piece and is actually a reply to the most upvoted comment.

A few of my favorite comments are below. The first comes from Tia Williams's plum lipstick piece.

The second can be found on "IHTM: I'm A Plus-Size Cosplayer."

You all rule! See your trophy below (flowers from Corynne's wedding anniversary this week!):