Comments Of The Week: Who ARE You, Wondrous 10100111001?

Seriously badass shit goes down in the comments section of this website.
Publish date:
April 27, 2013

My favorite comment this week is from Kate's article on what we do to make us feel street-safe:

Fucking badass. Is anyone else thinking that 10100111001 is a secret superhero?

This week's most upvoted comment is from Your Mom's Bra. She left it on IHTM: I Ended Up In Bed With 27-Year-Old Virgin:

Your Mom's Bra and 10100111001? Here you go -- your trophy is me beasting on Bach's Rescue Remedy at my desk, like a boss.

P.S. Bonus trophy!! The "Like A Boss" video, which is extremely NSFW despite the seemingly workplace friendly title.