Comments Of The Week: Tynan/Marianne Nail Collabs In The Future?

Comments can be full of good ideas that inform future posts and features on the xoJane website.
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April 6, 2013
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I was a little (naturally) high after getting my first professional full-body hour-long massage during the xoJane/xoVain Spa Retreat we had Friday, and my mind was on beautifying and vanity. I was cruising the comments on Marianne's Glitter Nail Polish Lifestyle article and came across... The COTW!

shinyredthermos, did you know that you have left almost 2,000 comments on the xo-sites? And clearly, you know what would make for some great content. I would be so overjoyed if this video happened IRL. Can't you guys at least do a Google Hangout and put it YouTube? You totally can. Thanks.

The most upvoted comment from the past week is from Doc Holligay on "The More Weight I Lose, The More Fat Jokes I Hear." I LOVE it, Doc. Perfect, timeless advice.

Your trophy, Doc and red:

Should we start doing posts where we photograph what everyone in the office is wearing? Or perhaps a "who wore it best?" type of post? Is that lame? Let us know!