Comments Of The Week: The Realest Virtual Trophy Yet

Publish date:
December 8, 2013
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The most upvoted comment from the past week can be found on "UNPOPULAR OPINION: Sometimes My Kid Throws Tantrums In Public And Everyone Should Just Deal With It."

The second most upvoted comment is also my personal favorite comment this week -- I've had it bookmarked since I first read it on the day the piece went up. You can find it on "My Wig Was A Life Saver -- Until She Fell Off My Head At Work." (By the way, I am so proud to work at a site where we can call a wig a "she" in a headline! I'm serious. It's fricking amazing.)

The most replied to comments this week each received 15 replies. The first was on Abby's "YOUR Outfits Of The Week" post. I was actually one of those repliers-- I said, "Holy moley amazeballs!!!!"

The second comment with the most replies was on the aforementioned "UNPOPULAR OPINION." It's definitely controversial.

The virtual trophy this week is actually a photo of a real trophy -- we won the FOLIO Magazine award for Best Online Community. Yup. That's YOU. Congrats!