Comments Of The Week: Squshies And Eloquent Compliments

Comments are almost as essential as tacos.
Publish date:
September 22, 2013

The most upvoted comment this week was from "A Company Stole A Picture Of My Daughter, Rehteah Parsons, Who Committed Suicide After Rape, And Used It In A Dating Ad On Facebook."

The second most upvoted comment is from "8 Reasons Why People Of Color MUST Rally For White History Month."

One of my favorite comments is from "Blue Ivy Carter's Hair Is Not Your Concern, And Neither Is My Daughter's."

Our Senior Editor Lesley is an exceptional human being, and a great writer. I loved this compliment MadameX left on her most recent piece "Why I Actually Like Looking At Terrible Pictures Of Myself."

Thanks for all the great comments this week, y'all!

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