Comments Of The Week: So Many Guilty Pleasures I Want To Try

If you give a mouse a cookie...
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May 4, 2013
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This week I was in love with the comments on Natalie's post in which we divulged our guilty pleasures. You xoJaners are a veritable cornucopia of disgusting, pleasurable, sensory activities. (Barely related: Remember the episode of "Friends" where Joey just learned what cornucopia means and he tries to use it sentences all the time?) Here are my favorites:

This week's most upvoted comment is from Doc Holligay on Olga's piece about choosing between her fancy Paleo diet and her rent. I tried to include some of the follow-up comments, too, to give it a bit more context.

Thank all of you special snowflakes for your comments this week. You make us who we are.

The trophy: