Comments Of The Week: Farting Indicates A Legit Slumber Party

OK--we're trying something slightly different this week.
Publish date:
December 1, 2012

So this week we are going to try something a wee bit different. I finally caved and decided that COTW will now include your favorite comment, so the comment with the most upvotes currently on the site will be included in this weekly post.

But first. MINE. It's by Annie Chen and is from Mandy's piece on adult slumber parties. Farting will never not be absolutely hilarious, and slumber parties are for laughing really really hard.

Now for yours. This comment received 814 upvotes and can be found on Lauren Passell's Unpopular Opinion: Meat-Eaters Don't Love Animals:

It may be a little mean and I know Lauren IRL and she's great, but alas, the people have spoken!

TROPHIES, all around! (Spot Emily and Olivia photobombing. Emily was doing her "slowjam dance" and ripped her fancy House of Holland tights.)

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