Comments Of The Week: Famous Dog-Trainer In A Dapper Suit

Comments are sometimes like frozen chocolate covered cheesecake bites.
Publish date:
September 8, 2013

The most upvoted comment this week was from SistaTV on Jane's phone. I LOVE you, SistaTV and it seems as if you want to work very closely with me. You rule.

The second most upvoted comment this week was from NightOwl on "IHTM: I'm In A LTR With Someone Who Isn't My True Love -- And We're Both Fine With That."

This was one of the responses to her, and it's also one of my fave comments this week, in general. It's just so dorky -- in a good way, of course.

One of my favorite comments is from 10 Things I Didn't Think I'd Be Doing In My 30s:

And my most favorite (and the sweetest) comment is from and "DO THIS DON'T: Talk To Strangers On The Subway."

The virtual trophies are these candies and this nifty red Swingline that Olivia and I are holding:

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