Comments Of The Week: Ron Swanson Is An xoJaner And Gotye Gets His Inspiration Here

Pop culture references win this week!
Publish date:
April 20, 2013
gotye, ron swanson

My favorite comments this week are from Jane's Phone where she is talking about this cell phone radiation reduction chip. Everyone loves Ron Swanson!

The most upvoted comment this week is from xoLifer MereDarling; she left it on "I Read My Boyfriend's Diary And I Was Not Prepared For What I Found There." Clearly, other people thought this comment should win.

Commenter Bob_Loblaw1 said I always look pretty (aw!) but right now I am home sick with a weird stomach thing, and I am consuming this disgusting natural treatment. So I took to Photo Booth. Enjoy this busted trophy!

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