Comments Of The Week: Kids Love Red Lipstick -- Plus All The Queer Kisses

Oh, and also a weird fake Oscar from a bizarre party Alison went to.
Publish date:
September 1, 2013

The most upvoted comments this week were on Emily's piece "The Myth Of The Teenage Temptress: Or Why A Young Girl Cannot Consent To Sex With An Adult Man."



My favorite comments were from all around the site this week. Let's start with this warm-n-fuzzy gem from Mary Lambert's piece on the video for "She Keeps Me Warm." One of the lines from this song is "I'm Not Crying On Sundays," but guess what? If you watch this video right now, you will be crying on a Sunday. So, yeah. Watch it.

This next one is from Alison's "Do Guys Hate Shocking Purple Lips? Do We Care?" Commenters were discussing how their male SOs felt about lip color, and I thought it was so adorable that RaDD's son loves her in red lipstick. No, I don't know if he's 2 or 22, but does it matter? It's sweet.

Another of my favorites is from "How Not To Be A Dick To Your Bipolar Friend." Thewire1 included one of my favorite quotes ever in this perfect comment:

Thank you all for your great comments this week. Alison emailed me a "fake Oscar from this weird party I went to tonight. Thought it could be a cute COTW trophy." So here's your trophy!