Comments Of The Week: Pantsless Cat For The Win

Animals read xoJane, too, you know.
Publish date:
January 12, 2014

Ready for this week's top comments? And we're off! The most upvoted comment from the past week was on "UNPOPULAR OPINION: Stop Moving To New York."

The second most upvoted comment was on "I Took My Birth Control Into My Own (Non-Hormonal) Hands."

The top two most replied to comment this week were from abusive trolls, and I won't be posting them here.

Now for my personal favorite comments. The first is from Marci's post on Milano cookies. I don't know. I just love going to out to shop at Pier1 and Home Goods all by my lonesome, so it really resonated with me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about commenters' Friday nights on that post.

I LOLed like crazy at this comment on Tynan's post about MK&A's new perfumes.

Last but not least, I really dug the "pets reading xoJane" photo comments on Jane's Phone post about "working" from home.

Thanks for all your great comments this week! Let's consider these cute pets the virtual trophies.

P.S. Our new Managing Editor Rebecca will be live-tweeting the Golden Globes from the xoJane Twitter tonight. Come party with us! We're starting at 7pm EST with the Red Carpet.