Comments Of The Week: Jared Leto, Sigh

Our community is truly somethin' else.
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November 24, 2013
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The most upvoted comment from the past week (November 15-November 21) was on "IT HAPPENED TO ME: I'm Living Like I'm In The Victorian Era":

The second most upvoted comment was on the same post:

The most replied to comment received 14 replies on Jane's Open Thread last weekend. I am so sorry to hear that, ATWY.

The second most replied to comment, at 13, was also on Jane's post last weekend.

Now for the comments I loved. We'll start with this warm, fuzzy exchange between Crystal and Cornholio on Lesley's selfie article:

I loved the imagery in this comment on Abby's post about the 90s Revival and perfume:

And last but not least, this awesome photo comment in Carla's article about gray hair:

Here's your virtual trophy! Olivia took a bite out of the top lefthand corner!