Comments Of The Week: "You Had One Job!"

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November 10, 2013
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I hope you're having a lovely weekend. Let's review the top comments from the past week! As a reminder, the dates these numbers are pulled from are November 1 - November 7. We'll start with the most upvoted comment. M B received 286 upvotes (at press time) on Lesley's "It's Not Lululemon's Pants That Are The Problem, It's Your Big Meaty Thighs."

The second most upvoted comment is from "IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Violated A Stranger On A Flight."

The most replied to comment is Doc Holligay's with 22 replies on Jane's Open Thread from last weekend.

The second most replied to comment, with 20 replies, is from BaronJade and can be found on Marianne's post "I Want To See Your Last-Minute Halloween Costumes."

My favorite comment this week was nominated by the darling Lesley Kinzel and is from her Lululemon piece:

Big congrats to all the winners this week! See your communal virtual trophy below: