Comments Of The Week: Try Not To Tell People You Like The Smell

Comments are where it's at, obviously.
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November 3, 2013

The comment that received the most upvotes between Friday, October 25th and Friday, November 1 was from the Lotus Birth piece:

The comment that received the second most upvotes in this time period was from Emily's piece on pubic hair. I included the comments leading up to it as well.

The most replied to comment was on Jane's Open Thread from last weekend and received 22 replies. My deepest, most heartfelt sympathies, K. Moore. I truly hope our community was able to comfort you a little bit, in some way. Sending you lots of love.

The second most replied to comment was on "10 Things Not To Say At Work" (which we reprinted from Refinery29). It received 17 replies.

Now for my faves! On this week's "Unpopular Opinion" post (which was about using food porn to stay in shape), there were a lot of comments about Subway and the smell of Subway. I actually have problem with Subway in that I adore it. I need it about once a week to once every other week. I don't like the smell, but it appears that this commenter is in a similar kind of a boat. WE CAN'T HELP IT. PITY US. But don't actually pity us; we're happy.

And my other favorite comments, sweet readers? Just check out the most epic Creepy Corner yet for tons of real ghost stories.

This week's trophy is photo of a sticker that Emily gave to Annie that I stuck in my planner.

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