Comments Of The Week: Creepy But Heartwarming

Here are four comments to read and an amazing 16-year-old kitty to gaze upon.
Publish date:
July 14, 2013

This week the most upvoted comment was from our own Executive Editor Emily, so I will included that as well as the second and third most upvoted comments. Emily left her comment on "Unpopular Opinion: I'm A Sex-Negative Feminist."

The second most upvoted comment is from og_cheeky on "My Son Nearly Got Expelled For A Silly Mistake And I Want To Know: When Did We Start Fearing Our Own Children?"

The third most upvoted comment is from HouseOfGlib on ""Dirty Dancing" Is A Wildly Subversive Masterpiece." I'm including the replies as well.

Louise's Creepy Corner post this week has the most intriguing comment sections ever. You know how a couple of weeks ago I said that my favorite comments are the storytell-y ones? The comments on the Creep Corner piece are all stories -- true, scary tales of spookiness. Jen's comment is my favorite, because it is both chilling and heartwarming.

The trophy is: you can have my cat Jojo -- NOT!

You can find Madeline tweeting about Jojo and ghosts: @madelinelou.