Comments Of The Week: One More Health Tip & Stranger Makeouts

Come check out this week's top comments.
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January 5, 2014
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Let's get right into this week's top comments! The most upvoted comment was left on "IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Fell In Love With A Street Performer In Mexico And Ended Up In Jail."

The second most upvoted comment is this week can be found on "I'm A Fashion Blogger, But My Readers Hate My Style."

The most replied to comment, with 30 replies, was on -- surprise! -- Jane's Weekend Open Thread.

The second most replied to comment received 16 replies and can be found on "How Not To Be A Dick To Your Childfree Friends."

Now for my personal faves! I loved this stranger-makeout comment thread from Mandy's New Year's Eve post.

I also loved this lotus birth comment thread on Zoe's "5 Easy Health Ideas That Will Change Your Life."

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