Comments Of The Week: All The IHTMs And Unpopular Opinions

That one Jane's Phone post was a GOLDMINE.
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January 26, 2014
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Let's get right into this week's top comments, shall we? The most upvoted comment was from Mandy on Terry Elvis's piece last Friday.

The second most upvoted comment was from Julianna Colt's piece (that originally appeared on Elizabeth Street), "I'm In A Sexless Marriage" -- I'm also including the comment that this winning comment was replying to.

The most replied to comment, with 13 replies, was left on "Here's Why You Should Be Living Paycheck To Paycheck" -- another reprint (it originally appeared on LearnVest).

The second most replied to comment received 12 replies and can be found on "Am I Giving Up On Myself By Not Wearing My 'Fashion Hat' On Dates?" I also included Rachel Claire's comment, to which the winning comment was a reply.

I'm SURE that a few of these will make it to the most upvoted next week, but DO head on over to this Jane's Phone post for the funniest comments section ever. And yes, it is kind of a free for all for making fun of xoJane; it's not like we didn't ask for it. My personal favorite comments from that post:

Thanks for all these great comments, guys. Here's this week's trophy: