Comments Of The Week: Witches, Metalheads & Two Cats

We love comments! Even when they're snarky or CREEPY.
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January 19, 2014
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The most upvoted comment from this past week was on "You Are The Advice Columnist: Can I Ask My Roommates To Stop Watching "The Biggest Loser"?"

The second most upvoted comment can be found on the first "BEAUTY WITCH" post by Severely Mame. I included the comment it was responding to, for clarity's sake.

The most replied to comment was on Claire's "What If I Don't Want To Dress Like A French Girl?" It received 15 replies.

The second most replied to comment of the past week was left on Mandy's Open Thread, "Who Is The Craziest Person You've Ever Met?" It received 13 replies. And just this once, because this comment is exceptional, I manually counted the replies to the replies, too. The total was 31. I know I rarely provide commentary on the top comments but I'd like to add my own reply to this: ""WHAT THE F**K??!!!?!?" *sobs and shakes uncontrollably.*"

Also from Mandy's crazy story Open Thread, I loved the description of this kooky metalhead and his very cute cat:

And I approve of this witchy, funny comment from "American Horror Story Is The Best Dressed Show On TV."

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