Comments Of The Week: I Cannot Pull Myself Away From Creepy Corner

Sometimes posts exist mostly for the comments, like Creepy Corner, You Are The Advice Columnist, and Open Threads. Because comments rule.
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August 11, 2013
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I've said before that my favorite kinds of comments are the storytelly ones -- obviously, I am obsessed with Louise's "Creepy Corner" series and I spent way too much time scaring the crap out of myself on this week's installment, "The House on La Salle Road." You guys have so many great ghost stories to tell, it's glorious (and distracting). Can we have a post inspired by "The Conjuring?" It would have be renamed "Terrifying Corner." Here a couple of my favorites from that post, but trust me that you should just skip over with some popcorn, at your own risk.

These comments also win -- they're from Emily's piece on getting MeanGirled:

The most upvoted comment this week is from the piece by Sydney Leathers:

The second most upvoted comment is from "I Was An Unintentional Thin-Privileger (Or Was I?)":

Congrats, everyone!

P.S. Do you use Disqus (our commenting platform) on your phones a lot? What do you think of it? I'm asking because Jane complains about it a lot about it and wants to know if it's just her.