Comments Of The Week: How Long Have You Been Here, Brave Little Toaster?

Comments are almost as good as pizza.
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May 26, 2013
comments, xojane is two

This week I have four favorite comments, three of which come from Jane's post about xoJane's two-year celebration; she asked commenters how long they've been here and how they found themselves here. The responses are fascinating and fun to read. My faves from that post:

Another one of my favorite comments this week was left on Anna Latimer's post about childhood movies and books that traumatized us:

Here are the two most upvoted comments from the past week. (Note: I'm on vacation right now and took a few days off, so these are the most upvoted comments from May 15- May 22.) One of them is actually a reply to the former. Both can be found on "It Happened To Me: I Had A Sexual Relationship With My Teacher And Then He Became My Legal Guardian."

The trophy is me hanging out with a tiny lamb. Congrats and happy long weekend!