Comments Of The Week: Go, og_cheeky!

og_cheeky killed it this week,
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February 2, 2014
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This week's top two most upvoted comments and the most replied to comment all came from og_cheeky!

The most upvoted is also the most replied to comment (with 42 replies). This comment, along with the second most upvoted comment, can all be found on that yoga article.

The second most replied to comment received 21 replies and is from Jane's Open Thread last weekend.

Now for my favorites!

1. Pretty much all the tasteless, crass jokes on Lesley's Girl Scouts piece. This thread is in especially bad taste. For shame.

2. All of your cute outfits in photo-comments on Olivia's Outfit Of The Week post.

Thanks for being yourselves this week. Here's your virtual trophy: