Comments Of The Week: Full Eye Contact Sugar Lines

Commenters are people, too. Unless he or she is a literate housepet.
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March 30, 2013
comments, sugar policing

My favorite comments this week are from KittensRule and auntieantagonism on Lesley's piece "I Got Sugar-Policed On A Cross Country Flight."

The most upvoted comment is from last Friday (because I write these posts on Friday afternoons, I always count the last week's Friday on my Disqus analytics dashboard and exclude today Friday because it's still happening). Anyway, the comment is from Jane's piece on Michelle Shocked from last Friday (Kristin's follow-up to Jane's follow-up is here.)

Here's the trophy for the winners this week:

Ok fine, you can have a bonus trophy -- here I am with Katy Perry hair and Keke Palmer makeup from an online instant makeover tool. Cool, right? I know, I know, I look gorgy!

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