Comments Of The Week: FMTPO

I love these comments -- FMTPO.
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May 18, 2013
jewelry, comments

OK, so I just got back from the comments section of Olivia's article on cray cray jewelry from Girlprops, and now I really 100% understand how to use the extremely new, fresh, young-person acronym FMTPO. Speaking of acronyms, just how much bullshit is TY? No, you are not thanking me, you're typing "ty" real quick in gchat.

Olivia's article featured all this funny, crazy costume jewelry. Here are my favorite comments:

Thanks for those gems, guys! Please instagram your new jewelry purchases and tag them #xostyle!

Now, for the most upvoted comment this week, which is found on "I'm Tormenting My Ex's New Girlfriend On Social Media."

Congrats everyone! Here is your virtual trophy: