Comments Of The Week: Cats On Claire's Chest

We've got kitties, a good ol' joke, and a messed up UPS situation.
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December 15, 2013
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I hope your weekends are just peachy; let's delve into this week's top comments, shall we? The most upvoted comment this week is from "Someday When You Grow Up, You'll Be A Princess. Also Fat. You'll Be Fat."

The second most upvoted comment is on "IT HAPPENED TO ME: A Housekeeper Saved My Marriage... Almost."

The most replied to comment this week was from Claire, and received 17 responses. It can be found on Abby's weekly "Show Us Your Outfits" post.

The second most replied to comment got 15 replies. og_cheeky left it on Jane's Weekend Open Thread.

My personal favorite comment this week is from Caitlin Thornton's article on her hair:

Thank you all so much for your great stories, jokes, and insights this week. Here's your virtual trophy: