Comments Of The Week: Don't Drawer Shame Me, Bro

Charlotte Laws's amazing piece is still going strong!
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December 1, 2013
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The comment that received the most upvotes from Friday, November 22 to Thursday, November 28 was from xoJaner Claire on Charlotte Laws's amazing piece on fighting revenge porn. That piece is still going strong for us, with tons of new readers and commenters (the upvoters!) every day. If you haven't read it yet, what are you still doing here in "Comment Of The Week"?!

The second most upvoted comment during this time period was also from Claire and on that same post. It happens!

I decided to include the third most upvoted comment as well because the first two were from Claire. This one is from "IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Polyamorous Boyfriend Cheated On Me."

The two most-replied-to comments each received 14 replies. As has been the trend, both are found on Jane's Weekend Open Thread from last weekend.

This week I had a favorite thread of comments. It was on "I Think I'm A Natural Kind Of Gal, But Sometimes I Spend $550 A Month On Beauty."

Your trophy!

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