Comments Of The Week: Cowboy Eggs And Cowfriends

Come for the stories, stay for the stories and the comments.
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December 29, 2013
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Curious about this week's top comments? The top two most upvoted comments were found on "IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Disowned My Family."

The most replied to comment in the last week was on Jane's Open Thread from last weekend. It received 16 replies:

The second most replied to comment, with 15 replies, is on "Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Isn't Racist And Homophobic Because He's Rural, So Stop Trashing Rural America."

Now for my personal favorite comments. This one is from Shani's "How To Have A Grown Ass New Year's Eve." It really resonated with me as I make my NYE plans (which include not leaving Brooklyn under any circumstances at all).

My two other favorite comments are from an article I bookmarked and will probably refer to for months to come, Amanda's "xoFOOD: How To Cook Eggs." I'm a pretty good cook but I'm a bit of an egg dummy. I live with someone who does all the egg-cooking, and I'm going to try to step it up in the new year.

Thanks for amazing comments and feedback this week. Here's your trophy: