Comments Of The Week: Clear Bag Of Vagisil

Comments are the funniest things we've ever read.
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June 23, 2013
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This week was FUN and we got away with some serious shenanigans while Corynne was on vacation. Did you see what happened when Margaret Cho came in and took over control of the site? Annie and I literally died. Moving on, my favorite comment is pretty gross, and it's from Daisy's piece on the NFL's bag ban (and why it's ageist, sexist, and dumb).

The most upvoted comment this week was found on "Unpopular Opinion: I Don't Respect Women Who Can't Cook."

The second most upvoted is from "IHTM: Doctors Told My Boyfriend He Had A Year To Live, But He Survived And Then He Dumped Me."

Y'all's virtual trophy is this photo of the cast and crew of the Margaret Cho Video. Enjoy and happy rest of the weekend, genius-heads.