Comments Of The Week: Butt Fight

So many gems this week.
Publish date:
February 2, 2013

Kate and I were emailing each other links to exceptional dog videos the other day, like we do, and she mentioned that the comments on her Coinslot Problem article were pretty banging. I took a break from hanging on tumblr and munching Babybel cheeses to skip on over. I almost cried laughing; I probably giggled so much my pants slipped down and my butt crack started showing a bit. Here are some of my favorites:

Yup, there was a little scuffle:

The most upvoted comment this week with 489 upvotes is from "10 Things Straight People Say That Make Me Want To Throttle Them" .

This week's trophy is actually a twitpic from so long ago (ok October) when I used to do this to Mandy all the time.